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INA Towing Network continues to grow as a top provider of ERS Towing and services. We combine our superior operations platform, in at state of the art operations center with our Elite provider network, to deliver our clients the highest quality service.

Stop Worrying

It’s one of those things you don’t think about until you need it. But with our management of your towing program, you’ll never have to sweat it again.

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Provider Partner

We are continuing to grow through your great service performance to our fleets. The talent and commitment you bring to the table help us to deliver Simplified Solutions, Superior Service to our customers consistently. Thank you for all you do!


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Over One – Lose None!

INA Towing Network, LLC and partners in Over One – Lose None!


We would like to announce our exciting news to your team. INA Towing Network, LLC has moved into our new location at 6801 Power Line Drive in Florence, KY. We have the same talented INA team, with some new additions, to handle your requests in the superior service delivery you have come to rely on. Our goal is to continue to provide Simplified Solutions, Superior Service representing daily value to your team. In turn, we trust this will encourage greater use of our service programs.

Our team is here 24/7 365 and ready to respond at your request. We have expanded our technology platforms and have other new options coming soon. These will include upgraded web access and reporting tools. Our new email for service requests is and the call number is 877-330-4869. You can also email us at for questions on invoices and payments.



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Becoming an INA Towing Network customer is easy. Call (866) 853-2125 and an experienced towing professional will get your equipment back on the road promptly!

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Meet Shepherd

INA’s recently enhanced web-based customer portal provides fleets with comprehensive repair management.

To take advantage of the web portal, please request a username and password from our customer service team at (866) 853-2125, or by e-mail at

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Becoming an INA Towing Network customer is easy. Call (866) 853-2125 and an experienced towing professional will get your equipment back on the road promptly!

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The INA Towing Edge

  • Your service requests are handled by a trained staff with broad knowledge of transportation fleet emergency response and logistics. We can provide a solution to solve your problem and reduce down time. One call – full service!
  • Strong vendor relationships with tow industry leaders creating a unified commitment to exemplary fleet service.
  • Nationwide, competitive pricing with network towing service providers.
  • Tracking of towing regulatory law by state and city to assure compliance.
  • Audit of invoices and payment to vendors by INA Towing staff. This alleviates time and handling by fleet staff to process payables.
  • Specialists to handle risk mitigation and incident management.
  • Specialized recovery ability for high value cargo, rail impacts and off terrain.
  • INA Towing provides real time management in non-consent tows and recoveries to contain cost and regulatory compliance.
  • Established partnership to mitigate Haz Mat and environmental incident response.

Whatever your service need, INA Towing has the response!

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